8 Weeks of Beginner Yoga

This class has been postponed.


Beginner/Intermediate Yoga is for students who are new to the practice or for those who want or need to review the basic postures and breathing techniques. The focus will be on the proper foundation of the poses, linking alignment with a concentration on the breath.

8 weeks/$180

Yoga for Stress Relief

This class has been postponed.

8 Week Session



Yoga for Stress Relief is a gentle class with the goal of relieving stress from the body while easing the mind. Benefits include reduced cortisol levels and sound sleep! Students at any level are welcome.

Pelvic Floor Strengthening/

Chakra Balancing Workshop

Another date, coming soon!

~Learn techniques to strengthen the pelvic floor to bring physical stability as a way to prepare for the deeper energy work of balancing the Chakras.

~There are 70,000 channels of energy running throughout the body, in figure 8 patterns, intersecting at the spine in 7 major areas, forming the Chakras. The word, Chakra, comes from Sanskrit, meaning wheel or circle, as the Chakras turn in a clockwise pattern.

                        ~Blockages in the Nadis can interrupt the circular flowing motion of the Chakras. Through yoga, we practice breathing techniques and physical postures as a way of releasing blocked energy so the Chakra wheels can spin freely, at just the right pace.

                     ~Balancing the Chakras, moving at just the right pace, helps us manage our days with a little more ease. It helps us prioritize our tasks so that, when we sit down at the end of the day, we feel content.

                   ~The workshop will focus on breathing techniques and proper engagement of the pelvic floor muscles, followed by a Chakra Balancing sequence to put these techniques into practice. We will end with a deep relaxation, designed to leave each student feeling grounded, supported and well-balanced.

              ~This workshop is designed for all levels of students however it is a mat class so students will need to have the ability to move up and down from the floor.

Workshop fee: $60

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 These modern times have made it obvious that we need to focus on our wellness. Wellness is not about just being physically fit; it is also about our emotional and psychological states. Keeping the three in balance is challenging in GOOD times so, if we do not already have a regular routine, getting started in the midst of chaos might seem impossible. But, it does not have to be when we start with the approach of balancing our efforts with ease. This is the approach that I take with my new program, Now Is The Time For Wellness. Yogic principals are the foundation of the program but I also incorporate traditional exercise and meditation for an experience that is truly personalized and tailored to each individual students needs.

What time is it?

Now Is The Time For Wellness!

Think of this program as a combination of yoga class, personal training and yoga life coaching, all in one! I offer in-person as well as Zoom classes for those who are out of state or prefer that format. We can schedule the time in 60 minute or 75 minute sessions, as many times a week that suits the student’s needs. Pricing is determined by the amount of time we work together.

Email, Julie@buddingtreeyoga.com,

or call me,(716)597-5759

to schedule your initial assessment, today!


                                                               *There are no refunds for missed classes*