Class Schedule Fall/Winter 2018

Most of our classes operate in an ongoing basis. Beginner classes are offered in an 8 week series (one class per week) so new students have a solid understanding of the breathing techniques and postures before moving on to our other classes.  Scroll down to see the Beginner class schedule as well as our other specialty classes that are offered in a 5 to 8 week series. 

Drop in rate is $15 or get an 8 class pass for $96. Scroll down to the class of interest to register. 

Class Passes and Discounts: 

     SENIOR DISCOUNT PASS FOR THOSE 65 AND OLDER! We are taking 20% off for our Seniors! $77 for an 8 class pass!(expires 9 weeks from purchase date) http://


      SCHOOL EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT: Local teachers and all school employees from all districts are receiving a discount! $86 for an 8 class pass! Please write in what school district you are in and your position. 


      GIFT CERTIFICATES! Give the gift of yoga to the one you love! 8 class pass for $96. Once your certificate is purchased, I will email you to see how you want gift delivered, by email or regular mail. http://


~~~~~~~~~~~MORNING CLASSES~~~~~~~~~~~~


    Chair Yoga 930-1045am with Julie/Ongoing (This class is for those who are not comfortable going up and down from the floor. We practice some postures while seated in a chair and some standing, using the chair or wall for support.) 

Drop in $15: http://

 8 class pass $96 : http://


    Beginner Yoga 930-1045am with Julie/8 week series  October 30-December 18 (8 classes/$96) (For students who are new to the practice or for those who want or need to review the basic postures and breathing techniques.)  Beginner classes are offered in an 8 week series (one class per week) so new students have a solid understanding of the breathing techniques and postures before moving on to our other classes. http://


   Yoga for Strength and Flexibility 930-1045am with Julie/Ongoing (An invigorating yoga practice that will energize the body and clear the mind for the day ahead. ) 

Drop In $15: http://

8 Class Pass $96 http://


  Traditional Hatha Yoga 930-1045am with Julie/Ongoing (A slow flow class that incorporates breath work while improving our flexibility and strength.)

Drop in $15:http://

8 Class Pass $96 :http://


   Gentle Yoga 930-1045am with Erin/Ongoing (For those who are new to yoga or for those who have a specific concern that needs to be addressed.)

Drop In $15: http://

8 class pass $96 : http://

~~~~~~~~~~~EVENING CLASSES~~~~~~~~~~~~


   Chair Yoga 6-715pm with Julie/8 week series January 7-February 25  (This class is for those who are not comfortable going up and down from the floor. We practice some postures while seated in a chair and some standing, using the chair or wall for support.) $96 for 8 weeks http://


    Yoga for Stress Relief 6-715pm with Julie/Ongoing  (A gentle class with the goal of relieving stress from the body while easing the mind. This could be the next step from our Beginners class.)

Drop in $15: http://

8 class pass $96 : http://


   Slow Flow Yoga: 6-715pm with Julie/Ongoing (This class provides instruction on the basic yoga postures and combines them into gentle flowing movements while focusing on the breath. This class is a bit faster than our Stress Relief.)

Drop in $15:http://

8 class pass $96 :http://


   Beginner Yoga 6-715pm January 10-February 28 8 weeks for $96  (For students who are new to the practice or for those who want or need to review the basic postures and breathing techniques.)  Beginner classes are offered in an 8 week series (one class per week) so new students have a solid understanding of the breathing techniques and postures before moving on to our other classes. http://



Yoga for Kids~ages 4-8/ Saturday mornings 9-10am December 1-December 22/with Julie. Yoga for Kids is an educationally based yoga program where the children will learn integrity, honesty, compassion, and self-awareness.  Four weeks for $40 http://


Two Year Anniversary Party/Open House

Saturday, January 5, 2018


Join us in our Two Year Anniversary Celebration with two FREE yoga classes!

930-1045am~Strength and Flexibility

11-1215pm~Slow Flow

All who join us will have their name entered into a raffle for a chance to win a FREE 8 week class pass! 

Meetings in Peace~Finding Our True Nature

with Murray Weinstein

Saturday January 12, 2019


Our innermost nature is Peace. Thoughts, emotions, and circumstances—positive and negative, arise, appear in, and collapse back into an ever-present background of peace. Thoughts, emotions, and circumstances arise in, but never disturb or damage this background of peace.

The opportunity of recognizing this peace is always available but not generally taken.

The purpose of this meeting is to take some time to avail ourselves of this opportunity.

In recognizing this Peace we may come to love it. And in loving it we may find it natural to appreciate a turning of attention toward this Peace more and more.

These meetings typically include a combination of sitting quietly, dialog and guided meditation. (There is no physical practice during this meditation.)

Murray Weinstein—My story:

Beginning in mid adolescence and continuing into my twenties I was often aware of a vague sense of dissatisfaction. Although the externals of my life were comfortable by most standards this sense persisted. Additionally, the normal ups and downs of interpersonal relationships were often accompanied by negative emotional reactions that were quite uncomfortable. At some point it occurred to me that emotional discomfort would generally arise in response to a situation that I was not, somehow, big enough to handle. I concluded that if I could grow and expand psychologically and emotionally that I would reach, or at least approach a psychological/emotional state that was mature enough and expansive enough to be able to meet the ups and downs of life without responding with such emotional discomfort.

This conclusion led me to a path of self-improvement, primarily within the context of an Eastern spiritual framework and more specifically within a yogic paradigm that lasted for the next 25 years. During this period I did in fact become a more expansive person and this did lead to a diminishment in emotional suffering. In other words, this practice worked to some extent.

In my mid forties I entered into a period of intense emotional turmoil. Life was presenting me with issues that were extremely emotionally painful and this went on for a few years. During this time I worked hard to solve external problems that were contributing to this emotional environment. This work included attempting to make adjustments to the circumstances I was in, as well as continuing the spiritual practice I had already undertaken. Although I never fully accepted the notion of reincarnation, it was part of the yogic paradigm I was involved with and hence a part of my thinking. I can remember standing in my kitchen one evening and the thought occurred to me that I could continue to expand and improve as a human being for the next ten thousand years and I would still not be so improved and expanded that I would be able to solve the problems that were confronting me. I realized that I, the limited person called Murray, would never be so perfected that it could do the job of handling life in the way I had hoped it could be handled. This recognition lead to a deep surrender in which I gave up on myself as being the vehicle that was going to solve life’s problems.

A few months later I met a spiritual teacher who guided my awareness directly back upon itself towards its source. In meeting this source I was meeting unbounded peace, contentment and impersonal intelligence. I could see that this source had more value than I, Murray, had, and because I could see that value I have never fully turned away from that source.

Meetings in Peace is an invitation to rediscover that source which is already, always present within us.

Registration deadline, Friday, December 7, 2018. 

Workshop fee: $10 http://

Yoga and Nutrition ~ The Importance of Gut Health

Saturday, January 19, 2019


With yoga instructor Julie Leatherbarrow and registered dietitian Natalie Robertello

This workshop will begin with a 75 minute All Level Gentle Yoga class, led by Julie Leatherbarrow. This class will focus on increasing awareness in the core. A strong yet supple abdomen is crucial as it relates to gut health. Chairs will be provided for those who prefer to use one for this practice.

After the yoga practice, join us for a nutrition talk by Natalie Robertello, a local Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, on the importance of gut health. Your gut is full of trillions of bacteria that play a major role in digestion, immunity, and production of nutrients and hormones. Learn about what you can do to optimize your gut, as well as improve overall health and energy level. A snack will be provided. 

Natalie Robertello, owner of Fit for You, is a registered dietitian located in Buffalo, NY. Natalie’s nutrition philosophy is to help clients find a healthy relationship with food through a balanced approach. She holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and is a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition, one of the few that hold this specialty certification in WNY.

Registration Deadline: Friday, January 18, 2019 

Workshop Fee: $35 (snacks and drinks included!) http://

Women’s Belly Dance with Jarin Weinstein

Saturday, January 26, 2019


Join this 1-hour workshop to shake the winter blues!

Belly dance is a fun and joyful art that both lifts the spirits and energizes the body-mind. This Classical Belly dance style is designed for every women, every body type, and is taught to all levels.  We will dance to traditional Belly dance rhythms. Belly dance is a positive and wholesome way to feel beautiful. A healing and transformation will happen as the dancer taps into her inner power and she experiences the dynamics of being fully in control of each dance move and yet she is fully surrendered to the natural feelings of joy that this dance encompasses. This is not taught for performance, it is simply a way to experience joy and energize the body through lively, poetic music and an ancient dance that lies in the heart of women. This is a friendly atmosphere and is intended to bring women of all ages together as a community, which thrives on love and respect for what makes us unique and similar.
Teacher Jarin Weinstein has formally trained in classical Belly dance for over 10years.

Registration deadline: Friday, January 27, 2019

Workshop fee: $20 http://

Winter Retreat with Julie Leatherbarrow & Stacey Nazitto


Saturday, February 9, 2019



 I can also accept credit cards, Blue Cross Blue Shield Wellness and Independent Health Mastercards cards over the phone. (716) 597-9809

Mindfulness Through Yoga Workshop with Julie Leatherbarrow – For educators and those who work with children. This 3 hour workshop provides instruction on breathing techniques and yoga postures that can be used to increase awareness in children. For more info, please email, 

I also schedule private classes for adults, as well as small group classes for kids for school events, birthday parties, girl scout troops, and sports teams.  If you are a teacher or you home school and would like to me visit your classroom or home, we can schedule that as well!  Please contact me for more information. (716)597-9809 or

We are closed on Sundays and on these dates: October 31, November 21, 22, 23 and 24. December 23rd through January 6th. There are no refunds for missed classes.  Class pass holders have 9 weeks from their to take 8 classes, however the pass expires 3 months from the date of purchase. Thank you for understanding.