Julie Leatherbarrow E-RYT 500/CYT/Prenatal 


Julie Leatherbarrow has practiced yoga for 18 years and made a life long dream come true in 2012 by getting her certification through Yogakids, an educationally based Hatha yoga program for children. Julie wanted to deepen her knowledge and understanding of yoga and continued her education at the Himalayan Institute of Buffalo, earning her 200hour certification in May of 2015 and completed the 500hour certification in July of 2018. Bringing a youthful spirit into all of her classes, Julie believes in fully experiencing the joys of life, no matter the age. As the founder of Budding Tree Yoga and the Budding Tree Yoga Festival, Julie wants to share her love of yoga with others and assist them in returning to their natural state of being at peace.

Julie offers private instruction and small group classes, as well as professional development workshops for educators. For more information, please call, (716) 957-9809 or email, 

Erin Szwajda E-RYT 200


Erin’s yoga journey began after her mom was diagnosed with MS. She was misdiagnosed many years prior. Throughout the years she endured many hardships. As Erin was frightened and confused, she began research on the illness. To her surprise almost every article discussed the benefits of yoga to MS patients. That was enough for her to start learning about yoga. She began a solid home practice with hopes to help her mom.

About six months later she attended her first group yoga class, with Julie Leatherbarrow. Erin left the class with a sense of calm. Something had happened in that one hour that cleared her mind of worries. She was hooked!

A few months later Erin needed an appendectomy. After her surgery it took some time to get back on the mat. When she was able to practice again, it all made sense. Yoga meets you where you are. All of a sudden the healing benefits were upon her. She was able to find inner peace and a quiet mind even if she could not do downward dog. At that time she knew she needed to share this gift.

Erin attended The Himalayan Institute teaching training program and completed her 200hr certification in May 2016. She is forever grateful for her teachers, their wisdom and insight, her classmates, and everyone who has supported her along the way. Erin is well aware of the healing powers of yoga, especially the undeniable amount of self-love and acceptance that yoga provides.

Since graduating she has been teaching gentle yoga classes at a local church. She also volunteers monthly at The Buffalo Peace House, and teaches private to semi private classes weekly for people with specific concerns. Erin feels truly blessed to share this gift and has a passion to continue on this journey. She considers yoga to be her companion, who can always provide a sense of stillness and inner peace. To find the calm, even in chaos. Yoga is a gift that keeps on giving. Namaste!

Jarin Weinstein LMT/RYT 200


Jarin Weinstein has been practicing Hatha yoga for 25 years. She immersed herself in the teachings and philosophy when she lived at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale PA. She was officially trained to teach in this tradition in 2009 at their center in India. Jarin’s style blends wisdom from Buddhist practices, the Wise Women traditions, the practice of Non-Duality and guided Self Healing meditations. Along with incorporating her back ground in Massage and Myofascial release therapy. All of which help to focus her classes on knowledge for self-care techniques, self-awareness, and energizing the concepts that unite the body-mind. Jarin understands that Yoga is a living art and it will teach its practitioners, she aims to guide and empower your authentic yoga experience.

Janice Weinstein RYT 200


Janice Weinstein has over 4 decades of learning through teaching. This teaching includes yoga postures, yoga philosophy and the challenges and joys of living. She has had many venues of teaching including the classroom, specialty yoga seminars, and has worked with individuals, guiding them through postures, relaxation, work related yoga and stress management . Janice has trained and taught classes at the Himalayan Institute of Buffalo and also works as a speech pathologist. She currently lives in East Aurora with her husband.