Class Schedule MARCH/APRIL 2018

We offer a rolling registration so you can sign up for classes at any time! 


Adult Yoga Classes

April 30-June 23, 2018 

SENIOR DISCOUNT PASS FOR THOSE 65 AND OLDER! We are taking 20% off for our Seniors! $77 for an 8 week pass! http://

Teachers Link: Local teachers from all districts are receiving a discount! $86 for an 8 class pass! Please write in what school district you are in and your position. http://

GIFT CERTIFICATES! Give the gift of yoga to the one you love! 8 week session $96. Once your certificate is purchased, I will email you to see how you want gift delivered, by email or regular mail. http://

Drop In Rate $15 (except for our Beginners Class. We encourage all Beginners to go through our 8 week session to fully understand the foundation of the practice before taking our other classes. Thank you for understanding) http://

Monday: April 30-June 18 -no class 5/28 (7 weeks for $84)

Chair Yoga 930-1045 (For students who are not comfortable getting up from the floor.) (Julie) http://

Intro to Meditation 6:15-7:30pm (Starts with a gentle yoga practice to prepare the body to sit in meditation) (Jen)  http://

Tuesday: May 1-June 19 (8 week session for $96) 
Beginner Yoga 9:30-10:45am (For students who are new to the practice or for those who want or need to review the basic postures and breathing techniques.) (Julie) http://

Yoga for Stress Relief  6:00-7:15pm (A gentle class with the goal of relieving stress from the body while easing the mind. This could be the next step from our Beginners class.) (Julie) (8 weeks for $96)  http://

Intermediate Yoga Flow 6:00-7:15pm (This class is for those who have an understanding of the traditional yoga poses & breath awareness.This class is more challenging than Stress Relief, if that is where you want to take your practice.) (Jen) (8 weeks for $96) http://

Wednesday:  May 2-June 20 (8 weeks for $96)

Yoga for Strength and Flexibility 930-1045am (An invigorating yoga practice that will energize the body and clear the mind for the day ahead. ) (Julie)  http://

Restore and Renew  6:00-7:15pm (This class provides instruction on the basic yoga postures and combines them into gentle flowing movements while focusing on the breath. This class is a bit faster than our Stress Relief but a bit slower than Intermediate Flow.) (Julie) http://


Thursday: May 3-June 21 (8 weeks for $96)
Yoga for Core Strength  9:30-10:45am (This weekly practice is designed to help develop progressive core strength.) (Julie)  http://

Restorative Yoga  6-715pm (This class is relaxing and slow paced, using props to hold the body in the postures.) (Jen) http://

Beginner Yoga  6:00-7:15pm (For students who are new to the practice or for those who want or need to review the basic postures and breathing techniques.) (Julie) http://

Friday: May 4-June 22 (8 weeks for $96) 

Gentle Yoga  9:30-10:45am (For those who are new to yoga or for those who have a specific concern that needs to be addressed.) (Erin) http://

Saturday: May 5-June 23 (8 weeks for $96)                                                          

All Level Yoga 10-1115am (This class continues to build on the postures and breathing techniques learned in the beginner’s class.) (Sharon) http://




with Jarin Weinstein

WEDNESDAY, April 25, 2018 7-815PM

This class will focus on utilizing the energy of the full moon. Release, renew and restore your mind, body and spirit during this 75 minute class.

Class Fee: $15 http://



SATURDAY, APRIL 28, 2018 1-3PM

Arm Balance poses provide strength, focus, concentration and bodily awareness. They have the ability to literally turn the world upside down, which allows us to see the world with a new perspective. This perspective can bring creativity in our ability to problem solving.

During the workshop we will practice some partial weight bearing poses, such as plank and side plank with some variations. We will enjoy some strengthening poses to find the engagement that is needed. Most importantly we will not take ourselves too seriously as we enjoy the art of holding on and letting go, as we make our way to flying in to crow pose! Blocks and props will be provided. Join Erin on Saturday, April 28th from 1-3pm for her Arm Balance Workshop!

Workshop fee-$30 http://

Mom and Me Yoga-A Special Class for Mother’s Day

With Julie Leatherbarrow

Saturday, May 12,2018 2-330pm

Join us for this gentle yoga class in honor of Mother’s Day. The focus will be on breathing techniques and gentle postures. Chairs will be provided for those who are not comfortable getting up and down from the floor. Moms are welcome to bring kids ages 8 and older with the understanding that this class is structured at the adult level. Tea and light snacks will be served after the 75 minute class. 

Fee: $25 per couple http://



with Erin Tracy

WEDNESDAY, May 30, 2018 7-815PM

This class will focus on utilizing the energy of the full moon. Release, renew and restore your mind, body and spirit during this 75 minute class.http://

 I can also accept credit cards, Blue Cross Blue Shield Wellness and Independent Health Mastercards cards over the phone. (716) 597-9809

Mindfulness Through Yoga Workshop with Julie Leatherbarrow – For educators and those who work with children. This 3 hour workshop provides instruction on breathing techniques and yoga postures that can be used to increase awareness in children. For more info, please email, 

I also schedule private classes for adults, as well as small group classes for kids for school events, birthday parties, girl scout troops, and sports teams.  If you are a teacher or you home school and would like to me visit your classroom or home, we can schedule that as well!  Please contact me for more information. (716)597-9809 or

There are no refunds for missed classes.  Missed classes can be made up in another class during the current 8 week session. Thank you for understanding.